Taking Care of your Succulents

A touch of nature while embracing and living in an urban lifestyle can let us experience the best of both worlds. Plants are an integral part of modern apartments and houses in the urban lifestyle. They help ease the aura and coming home to that touch of nature, relaxes you.

However, at times, we may not have the time and energy to take care of our plants. If you're a person with a busy schedule but like to have plants around you, I suggest you go for succulents. This doesn't mean they don't require care and time. They do, but it's far less than the other ones. 

Succulents have been a trend amongst the generation of the younger working people for over a long period of time. They come in various sizes - from large to medium, to small, they can fit in any corner of your space. A small one at the edge of your study table or one beside your television or reading area - A perfect sight for your strained and exhausted eyes from seeing the laptop all day long.

1. Make sure your succulents get enough light

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Succulents adore sunlight and need at least six hours of it daily. However, keep in mind that the newly planted ones may need time to get used to sunlight so it's important to make sure that you gradually introduce them to it.

2. Rotate your succulents from time to time

Like any other plant, it's important to ensure that sunlight reaches all their parts equally. Thus, it's important to rotate them once in a while to prevent over-exposure. Keep in mind that if one side of the succulent is leaning, then it means that it has been deprived of sunlight and needs to be turned.

3. Water according to the season

Unlike other plants, succulents don't require a fixed amount of water daily. Succulents need to be watered according to the season and their growth. During seasons like spring and summers, they are required to be watered a little more frequently. On the other hand, during winter, they require less watering. DON'T FORGET, overwatering can kill succulents. So make sure you don't do that! Moreover, ensure you only water the soil and not the plant itself. Once the soil dries up and does not consist of any moisture, you can water them again.

4. Fertilize them

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If taken care of properly, succulents can last a long period of time, even years. Like any other plant, succulents have preys too. It’s important to fertilize them at least once or twice a year to prevent unnecessary complications through insects and bugs.

Succulents are the perfect add-ons to the accessories that you decorate your home with. If taken care of properly, they can last a long period of time, in some cases, even years. They give your space a touch of nature - a reminder to all of us of where we’ve come from.

Blog written by Shekinah

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