A Guide to Kitchen Gardening

The scarcity in the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables has always been a concern and therefore living in an urban environment, the concept of kitchen gardening has been rapidly growing over the past few years. Growing your vegetables, fruits and herbs lead to a sense of security and self-satisfaction. Also known as a potager, this process requires one to grow and nurture their vegetables, fruits, and herbs in and around their residential and household area.

It's like having your mini-farm!

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"Maintaining a sustainable home garden provides a sense of empowerment because you're in complete control of what you'll consume." – Devyani Pawar (Founder of Essential Greens)

Most large-scale vegetables and fruit producers tend to use high levels of harmful pesticides and fertilizers which if consumed by us, can cause long-term side effects. Most people are unaware of where their fruits and vegetables come from. Being consumed daily, even small amounts of pesticides and fertilizers can lead to long term side effects. Kitchen gardening is a way of gaining the security that what you're consuming is 100% organic and if any fertilizers are a part of the process, the right ones are being used.

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Indulging in kitchen gardening helps is an effective way to conserve water and is a good way to exercise the body and mind. It is a peaceful and calming process that helps maintain a positive aura within you and around you. It’s the one time you and the people around you can connect with nature deeply. It’s a healthy and satisfying activity to be a part of. Plus, you also end up saving on the expenditure of purchasing fruits and vegetables. 

There are two vegetable garden layouts that one can use. First is the rows type gardening layout and the other one is container gardening. The first is when long rows are made which run from north to south orientation to ensure good sunlight exposure and air ventilation. The latter focuses on growing vegetables in containers. One should ensure to have good quality potting soil and adequate drainage. The method you choose is completely up to you. But ensure that you have the adequate resources to go ahead with it.

Essential Greens’ kitchen garden collection has a variety of products in their baskets that one can have access to. From fresh tomatoes to continental vegetables, they have it all. Their kitchen gardening tool kits contain essentials like roots, saplings, fertilizers, coco peat and all the other tools a gardener needs to create his garden. A perfect package to start your homegrown farm. They have two types, a big basket and a small basket.

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If you’re short on space or new to this, try going for the small basket first. It includes 16 varieties of vegetables and if you own ample space or want to expand your small kitchen garden, go for a big basket. Also giving a choice to customize your plant requirement, they cater to pots and bags. which can be bought separately. The plants require one to contribute sufficient time and energy. They need nurture and care from time to time.

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Image by The Essential Greens via Instagram

This is a perfect way to bond with your family and friends. Grab your tools and get at it! Ready your kitchen garden for the numerous backyard organic picnics that you can host or the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. Are you all set and ready to start your little farm in your backyard? If yes, check out the Essential Greens kitchen garden deals.

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