How to Plant in Pots without Drainage

Pots and containers decorated with your botanical or floral arrangements can add a stylish yet a very natural ambience to your garden, or inside your homes. An effective way to add versatility to your spaces is by planting your favorite arrangements in modern ceramic vases, ceramic pots or simply containers made of glass, they keep your plants happy and your home elegant!

There is a misconception that pots or containers without drainage are unfit for planting. We say otherwise. If you know your gardening tricks to get around wi decorating your arrangements, pots with, or without drainage do not make a difference. We are here to show you these easy tricks for you to utilize your favorite pots to their full potential, know before you grow!

Step 1: Add in some landscape gravel

One of the most basic yet efficient hacks is to place some amount of landscape gravel or stones in the bottom of your pot or container before you put soil and plants into it. Not only will the landscape gravel give your arrangements the required balance, but most importantly, this helps in keeping the roots and soil of your plants and flowers out of the extra water that flows to the bottom of your pot when you water it. 

Keep in mind that the gravel or stones you choose to place should be fairly large. Ideally, a stone or gravel size of approximately 1 to 1.5 centimeter works, start by putting an inch of gravel at the bottom of your pot, try it out and you’ll see the difference!

Step 2: Add in some horticultural charcoal

The next step is to add about 1 centimeter layer of horticultural charcoal on top of your landscape gravel that you placed in the bottom of the pot. It is favorable because charcoal helps keep the soil conditioned and healthy, which ultimately contributes to the health of your plants. See how that works?

Remember, you should still be able to see the tips of the stones poking up from beneath the charcoal layer. 

Step 3: Add in some high quality potting soil

Soil quality is easily the most important aspect when it comes to planting. It matters because only healthy soil can process and store more water, so do not compromise on the quality of your potting mix.

Poor or depleted soil won’t hold water making it difficult for the plants to survive. Choose a soil mix which has a lot of organic matter, take care of your green friends. 

Step 4: Add in your favorite plants and decorative touches

The simple final step, you know your plant decorations best. Place your plants in the pot filled with the high quality soil mix, layer of charcoal and landscape gravel. Don’t forget to place additional decorations on the soil surface of the pot like marble stones.

These decorations will uplift the look of your plants while containing the moisture in your soil so it does not evaporate quickly, a perfect balance of all things!

Try these planting tips and techniques today and see your home and garden flourish by making use of your favorite ceramic pots or containers. No drainage? No problem. We got you! 

Blog written by Jatin

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