How to Clean Macrame Wall Hangings

How to easily clean a Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame has been in trend since the 60s & 70s. Adapted and improvised throughout the decades it became popular and made into our home interiors. They are simple yet intricate handmade pieces made of cotton or wool weaved and knotted into beautiful designs made to accentuate your empty walls or to add a boho-ness to your home.

Even though they are placed indoors, they catch dust and mold due to exposure to the environment. The knots and little nooks are more vulnerable to hold molds and pest feed on such cotton fibers. Once in a month, they need a nice wash-up to maintain their shape and design.

Steps on how to clean the wall hangings

Material required:

  • Mild detergents, (avoid bleach-based ones they tend to ruin the fabric)
  • Cotton towel (To soak in the water from macrame)
  • Wide-tooth comb (optional)


  • Take a bucket of water according to the size of your macrame 
  • Add 3-4 drops of mild detergent- avoid the ones that contain bleach, like laundry detergents because they contain strong acidic agents and will ruin your decor piece.
  • Mix the solution well
  • Soak the macrame inside and rinse it for 2-3 minutes and pull them out. Do this step back and forth till all the dust has been washed off.
  • Once the soap on macrame has been washed off, lay it on the cotton towel till all the water is completely drained. Don't scrub and wring out it will ruin your piece. 
  • Shrug it off and run a wide-tooth comb to the fringes. If you own a fringe macrame it will help to untangle the tassels if any. Running your fingers through them will work the same.
  • Hang it on a hanger in a cool and ventilated area.

Helpful Tips

  • Avoid using warm water, this will make the cotton material shrink in size
  • Avoid bleached detergents - to wash colored macrame instead use 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Don't use Washing machines, doing so will damage the delicate fabric.
  • Don't dry them out in sunlight, it will make the material hard.

Daily Care Tips: Use a soft bristle brush to clean off the dust.


Blog written by Ashwini

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Would I be able to use borax? Or what would be an example of detergent thats not laundry detergent?

Megan October 15, 2023

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