How to Clean Wicker Baskets

How to easily clean a Wicker Basket 

Wicker Baskets are appropriate for any home decor setting whether you are into minimalistic, farmhouse or bohemian decor styles - the baskets blend in quite easily with the home interiors. Handwoven and stitched together, they are made to hold utilities like as your fruits or veggies, clothes, kid’s toys, toiletries. Being lightweight and easy to handle is one of their specialties. 

We're here to point out the only one drawback you may face with wicker baskets and an easy solution to it. They get dirty easily, the dust, grease and debris can find their way into the wicker baskets. These baskets are made of natural fibers which are vulnerable to attract any dust particles in the air. This is why you need to add wicker baskets in your cleaning schedule too!

Steps on how to clean the basket

1. Microfiber cloth and soap water

If you see a light discoloration of the basket, it’s a sign that the basket is layered with dust and asking to be cleaned before it gets destroyed. One of the solutions is a microfiber cloth and soapy water. Microfiber cloth gets anything cleaned with ease, you can get this cloth in fabric shops or online shops for a cheap price. Take a bowl of water, add some drops of a dishwasher or detergent soap and mix well. Slightly damp the microfiber cloth but make sure it's not too damp or else it will ruin the basket. Remember, it is made of natural fibers after all, be gentle.

Start by cleaning the outer and the inner surface and let it dry in the sunlight or inside your home. When it's completely dried they are ready for your next use.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

A lot many Indian homes don't opt for a vacuum cleaners but if you own one, they are the easiest way to clean wicker baskets. Vacuuming the basket with the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner also works well for cleaning the basket thoroughly.

Points to Note 

  • Don’t soak the whole basket in soap water, it will ruin the basket
  • If the basket is often catching dust and grease you can protect them by covering the whole basket with metallic spray paint. Not only will it protect the basket but it will also give a new makeover.
  • Place the baskets in cool and dry places so they won’t catch unwanted moisture
  • Last but not the least, add ‘Cleaning Wicker basket’ to your house cleaning schedule. 

Daily Care Tips: Use a soft bristle brush to clean off the dust.


Blog written by Ashwini 

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