How to Accentuate Your Empty Walls

What do you tend to see when you enter someone's house? What's the first thing that catches your eye? It's the one thing that surrounds the house: the atmosphere.

We all love to hear compliments about our place. The size of your space doesn't matter, it’s the feeling that it brings out that does. Let’s dive into a few basic ways that would wow the people who enter your space. 


Something as basic as the color of your wall can light up the ambience of a room. You can use a variety of color combinations or just stick to one simple color. Warm colors orange, red and yellow, can be used which implies and magnifies a welcoming aura. One can keep their walls white which indicates minimalism, cleanliness, and purity. Brown-colored walls are a popular choice that gives a bold look. A wooden paneling would be a good idea for living rooms to give them a polished look.


To create a composition, a shelf or two can be used too. The shelves can be used to change decor according to your mood by selecting various objects to showcase. They let a person play with  imagination and put up whatever they like on them. It could be books, décor, vases, photo frames, or even plants! 


Paintings are a great way to accentuate your empty walls. The type of art you keep in your home speaks a lot about the type of personality or aura you give out. From traditional and authentic, to modern illustrative art, any size or shape of the frame can be used to make it look visually appealing. For instance, you can always try matching the paintings to the theme and colors of your space.


Placing mirrors on your walls correctly can give an illusion that makes smaller places look far more spacious. Being creative with the mirror set up near the window helps reflect natural light around the house. A natural way to keep your house lit up! Mirrors can create a point to focus on that blends with the background and lift the look of wall decors.

Instead of you introducing yourself to someone, let your style and taste speak for you! 


Blog written by Shekinah

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