Benefits of Adding Organic to your Lifestyle

No matter where you stay, having an organic lifestyle will keep you in touch with nature 24/7. It is not only a better way to live for the outside world but has a lot of health and lifestyle-related benefits as well.

Almost everything can be made organic, it could be the furniture or the home décor at your place or obviously, the food you eat!

Let us start with something that directly affects health - foods. Most processed foods and bulk grown fruits and vegetables tend to have harmful chemicals, preservatives, and various other toxic substances that could lead to numerous health complications and ailments. Now imagine, we consume food three times a day for an average of 75 years of our life. Can you imagine the number of harmful substances entering our bodies? 

There have been many case studies that offer proof of these claims. Most people are now highly health conscious and there is a high level of public awareness about inorganic foods. This has led to an increase in the demand for organic foods and most people have started to adopt this in their lifestyle now.

Human beings are a part of nature and our bodies are not designed to digest foods that are full of chemicals and additives. People who have shifted to an organic diet have felt the difference and improvement in their health. Having such a lifestyle also tends to boost your lifespan by a few years.

Organic foods tend to be a little costlier compared to inorganic, processed food, but if you think about it, you’ll save up a lot more money on medical and hospital costs if you just shell out a little extra for the right type of food. Apart from this, organic foods tend to have much more nutritional value than inorganic foods and keep a person much healthier. 

As discussed above, anything can be made organic. You can also bring an organic touch to your home through furniture, home décor, and so on. Organic décor creates a very relaxing atmosphere and contributes to a warm and welcoming ambience, boosting mental health. A variety of sustainable and eco-friendly materials can be used. This avoids the use of non-degradable materials such as plastic and helps reduce pollution-related emissions in the long run.

Bamboo, wood, cane furniture, and home décor are trending these days and add a great boho and aesthetic look to your home. A wide variety and range of furniture and home décor are available and you can find them almost everywhere. These changes have become quite popular and let us face it, we all like to stay updated with the latest trends.

Our brand, Kolus, offers a wide range of such home décor that would add the perfect vibe to your space and be eco friendly as well. Check out our range of wicker baskets, cane mirrors, pots, and many more!

Nature’s friend and yours indeed!


Blog written by Shekinah


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