10 Elements of Bohemian Decor

We always dream of a home decor that resonates with our personality, one which speaks to us and one which also makes us feel at home. The bohemian style is exactly that kind of decor. Originated in the 19th century in France, artists like writers, performers and nomads made it a trend of incorporating different patterned elements and embraced a style of living filled with art where most of the things were handmade. Due to their way of living, this became a lifestyle.

And later it became a trend. People are more enticed to opt for this artistic decor. Such eclectic ambience not only feels cozy and soothing to the eyes but also speaks a lot about you and your home. However, it takes a lot of experimenting to arrange the pieces for that earthy-chic aesthetic. To get you started we have brought you some of the elements you can opt for to create a boho mesh of style.

1. Browns, Greens & Greys 

If you have noticed bohemian decor consists of shades of brown, green and greys. These are the major colors that are used to get that rustic and earthy feel.

Layering these same colors with saturated colors like blue purple orange can make the room look eccentric.

Boho Colours, colour palette

2. Lots of Plants 

The more the better. They add a fresh and lively aesthetic to any space. You can opt for plants of any shape or size. But keep in mind that some plants solely need sunlight to survive. A better option can be cacti, succulents and other indoor plants. Climbers and creepers can be the best choice to add more texture to the decor.

Bohemian Living

Image by saskiatabea via Instagram

3. Layer Rugs

Boho, the decor is all about texture and patterned rugs. Most of the flooring in Boho decor is in shades of brown. But if your floor is in white or any other colorr you can layer lots of different patterned rugs to complete the look. These types of rugs can be used as a cozy sitting arrangement as well.

Bohemian decor rugs

Image by preethiprabhudotcom via Instagram

4. Macrame Wall Hanging 

Macrame in different designs can be stunning center pieces for walls, it adds texture and fills your plain blank walls.

macrame wall haning, macrame art, macrame, wall ideas, wall decor, bohemian art, bohemian lifestyle

Image by gypsyknotco via Instagram

5. Baskets

A basket made of seagrass or wicker not only works as storage for organizing your stuff laying around but also works as a decor element. So make sure to add this beside your furniture set. They will add a functional texture to the corners of your home.

wicker baskets, baskets, storage basket, natural basket, cane basket, boho basket

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6. Mirrors

Mirrors in unique shapes or frames are an asymmetric piece of work, A small or a large mirror with a cane or metallic frame can add a rustic style to any space.

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7. Colorful Pillows

Colored pillows with printed patterns can make a huge difference to the whole boho aesthetic. According to your color choice, you can either opt for muted tones or colored ones. They both will fit perfectly.

pillows, pillow covers, bohemian pattern, color pattern

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8. Lights 

Let some light in and create some drama by using ceiling lights, a rattan lamp or some fairy lights that can do the same effect.

lights, bohemian lights, boho decor, lit room
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9. Artistic Touch

Adding an artistic touch such as a printed or handmade painting can give a refreshing spin and contribute more to the whole artistic feel of the bohemian decor. You can also paint it yourself to add your personal touch.

Image by emilyjanelathan via Instagram

10. Wall Decor with Baskets 

A simple but beautiful asymmetrical arrangement of different flat baskets can be the main statement piece of your wall gallery. Look for baskets with interesting colors, patterns and designs. A mix of different sizes of baskets adds depth and contrast to the walls.

Image by mum_the_kids_and_the_wardrobe via Instagram

Keeping all the above points you can try to put forward your creativity as well by mixing and matching different elements to create a perfect picture you have for your home.

Blog written by Ashwini

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