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We are familiar with a popular saying “There's no place like home'' and indeed it is true. No matter where you go, your soul still resides at your home. It's where it all starts, from choosing the colors of the walls to choosing comfortable rugs. We slowly and steadily curate every corner with love and effort.

And this process goes on. We tend to pick the best things for our home. That's why we have brought some easy and quick DIY decor pieces which you can incorporate into your home. 

Plate Painting

This method needs some artistic skills and for inspiration, you can hop on Pinterest to save some ideas. Pick out any plain colored plates. Grab a bunch of acrylic paints and some brushes and start painting anything you like. A flower, a freehand design, anything as long as it goes with the color of your wall. This wall decor not only looks unique but will attract anyone's attention.

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 Image by artstruck__ via Instagram

Framed Quote

We all have a quote to live by or a line from a movie or a lyric from a favorite song. Pick out a quote and simply make a print of whatever size you want, and frame it to place it on a shelf or hang it in any space you want. 

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Image by frameity via Instagram

Photo String Art

Your favorite moments can always be revived by just looking at some picture clicks or a polaroid. Print out some pictures you would like to hang as a wall drop. It can be your memorable family vacation, your special moments with your spouse, best friend or your parents. Clip them all together with a help of a paperclip on a thread or a hard string and your backdrop is ready.

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Image by aptos.cutest via Instagram

Dreamy Lights 

Fairy lights or string lights give off a magical charm to any space. So instead of storing them away after the festive season, continue to decorate them in different ways like using them for your headboard, around a mirror frame, bookshelf, planters or as a wall drop. This little hint of lights creates a warm and fuzzy ambience.

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Image by jaynes_happyplace via Instagram

Handmade Paintings

You don't have to be an artist or an expert to make art on your own. You can get started by painting a rainbow, random color splashes or just drawing some simple flowers on a canvas. Choose colors that will go with the color scheme of your walls. You can get some simple design inspiration from Pinterest. Handmade paintings give an extra touch and a sense of home-ness. What’s more? Your guests will be surprised by your hidden talent as well and your kid's drawings too, to give more home-ness to your personal space.

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Image by mayaartandcraft via Instagram

Cut some slack and save your pockets by trying these easy and affordable but artistic ways of decorating your home and giving it a personality of its own. It leaves more room for creativity and gives off an appealing artistry look.


Blog written by Ashwini


“As a realtor, I appreciate the exquisite touch handmade paintings bring to home interiors. They add a unique charm that truly elevates the aesthetic. Thanks for shedding light on the timeless appeal of handmade art!”

Adasada November 16, 2023

“As a realtor, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that home is where the heart is. The thoughtful DIY decor tips shared here not only enhance living spaces but also add that personal touch making a house a cherished home. Thanks for the insightful inspiration

Sujay Infra November 16, 2023

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