Home is where you open the main door and breathe easy because you know you belong. The pictures hang on the wall, travel mementos stand on the shelf, and coffee mugs settle in the cabinet — this is where you live life, from celebrating milestones to eating take-out on the couch with Netflix. It’s real and where you feel like yourself.

Your home is who you are.

At Kolus, we’re inspired to help you create a home that expresses who you are. Let’s make it yours again with more beauty, well-made décor, and accents — we curate accessible home décor for design-conscious people just like you. Come on board and discover inspirational pieces to fit your vision of a space you proudly call home.

"We invite you to discover genuine and playful living at your home with Kolus."

Meghana, Creative Director

Décor is a form of art in itself. From the inception of a design to unveiling the final product, the whole process is one that involves inspiration, creativity and dextrous artisans that work tirelessly to make an exquisite piece of art. We’re an Indian brand that supports skilled people and has all products made by skilled craftsmen in India. By working with these artisans Kolus aims to be your one-stop quality home décor store.

We want to encourage you to be your authentic self in every aspect of your life. Be a light unto yourself and embrace the uniqueness and imperfections that make you who you are. We as a brand wish to inspire creative ideas for your home that are an extension of your persona and individuality.